How to Invite a Girl on a Date

The main rule: if you like a girl, pull yourself together and come to get acquainted. Each experience is always worth trying. It also refers to online contacts. Whenever you catch a sight of an attractive girl, start chatting. If you fall for a girl you are acquainted with, the rule is still workable. No matter what they say, women still prefer men who initiate dating photo.


Let us have a deeper look into each of these scenarios:

  • Inviting a strange girl you have by chance met in a restaurant, at a party, or even crossing by her is a brave step. You need to be capable of on-the-spot decisions and actions. To lower the risk of being rejected, you can start with asking for a phone number. Got it? You are on a halfway to success. Later that day or the next one, give her a call, reminding who you are and where you met. If it is needed, you can prepare beforehand to suggest the place and time of the meeting. Prepare a “B” plan if she turns out to be busy the day you ask her out.
  • If you begin with online chatting, it is possible to find out the preferences of your date-to-be. After you have collected the basic info, choose a suitable place and time. Thus, you will increase the chances that your proposal will be accepted.
  • Provided you are already in acquaintance with the girl you want to go out with, it facilitates the choice of a perfect venue. Though you should think over a proper way of inviting her. Beware of the friend zone, make sure she gets it is a date, not just a two friends get-together.

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What to Pay Attention At

Above are some opportunities to invite a girl. But there are some basic tips to be taken care of. Here they are:

  • Take care of your appearance. You have only one opportunity of the foremost impression. It has nothing to do with brand clothes, be neat, showered and clean.
  • Always be polite, avoid rude words. Do not discuss taboo topics (religion, sexism, politics) unless you are sure that it will not badly influence your relations.
  • Show sympathy and be sensitive to whatever she says. Remember, girls prefer caring and attentive men.
  • Which girl doesn’t like gifts? You are right, none. You can bring flowers or sweets, depending on what you want and can afford.
  • Do not forget about compliments; they can be even flattering, but not too much.

Do you want the next date with her? Do you plan for a future with her? Set the next date and make a call before it. Wow, looks like you are ready. Go for her, don’t be shy! And prepare for a kiss.

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