Things To Avoid During Your First Date

A first date can be stressful and disastrous, as well as a fun and enjoyable, experience. Of course, practice makes perfect. However, it is better to learn from the mistakes of others than from your own embarrassing social blunders. Here are the five most common deal breakers you should definitely avoid when meeting a potential partner for the first time.

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 1. Do Not Be Self-Centered

Nobody likes those narcissistic individuals who only talk about themselves. However, it is also natural for people who are nervous to do exactly that. No matter how anxious you feel or how fascinating you think your life is, be considerate. Ask your date about him/herself, prepare some questions beforehand if you tend to get nervous. Build up a dialog, a mutually pleasant exchange of ideas and impressions. It is well-known that expressing genuine interest in the other person is an effective seduction technique. The opposite will only make you come across as an egomaniac.

 2. Do Not Expect Too Much
A first date is your first face-to-face encounter, an opportunity to create a favorable impression and get to know each other, to bring the nonverbal element into your communication. It is not the right occasion for you to get overly serious and start planning your future life together. Never jump into the subject of eternal love and marriage the first time you see your date, as this feels like pressure. Now I’m use russian women dating site

 3. Do Not Talk about Your Past Relationships

Usually, it is something few people want to be told about if they only just met you. First, it might imply you have not yet moved on from your heartbreak, which means you aren’t ready for anything new. Secondly, describing other lovers you have had is hardly appealing. If your date does want to know, give her the outline, but skip the details. Your focus must be the future and the person sitting in front of you, so do not dwell on the past, describing how your ex wronged you.  

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4. Do Not Get Too Personal

Do not try to psychoanalyze your date or make your dinner feel like police questioning. Nobody likes being scrutinized like some extraterrestrial specimen. Ask questions, but do not break etiquette rules. Let your potential partner tell you what they are ready and willing to tell. Tell them you appreciate the honesty if they happen to admit something deeply personal, but never pressure anyone into doing so. And, naturally, never suggest meeting at your place. This never sends a positive message

5. Do Not Be Suggestive about Sex

This is a strong deterrent, especially if you are seeking something more than a fling. Of course, nowadays social norms are shifting and you might both get passionate by the end of the evening, but never make sex a conversation topic. Your date should see that you are fascinated by their personality and life story, not only their body.

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