Russian Brides: Insider’s Confession

Russian Brides Are Desired & Enigmatic

What is so appealing about Russian brides? How do they manage to attract the attention of many single men from the West? Russian mail order brides are among the favorites when it comes to online dating. Let’s discuss their peculiarities through an experienced mail-order bride from Russia.

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 How Do Russian Brides Go Online?

The following is the list of frequently asked questions by those who have no idea how this business works. Whether you’re planning to become a mail order bride or whether if it’s mere interest, our FAQ might be useful.

What did you do before going online to search for single men abroad?
I started searching for decent men abroad right after graduation from college. Initially, I was interested in education and career opportunities.

What was your motivation?
Frankly speaking, I had no special motivation at all. I was simply curious about the potential advantages and the possibility to meet new people in different parts of the world.

What country seems the most appealing for the Russian brides?
The USA is strongly romanticized by the Russians. Partly because of the Americans’ open-mindedness, straightforwardness, and the ability to accept new people regardless of cultural and religious peculiarities.

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Russian Brides & Their Expectations

What about your expectations? Were they in line with the real online matchmaking situation? One of my main perceptions of the USA was the idea of freedom. The cultural background of Russian people was strongly affected by the Hollywood American culture. I’ve been dreaming of the magnificent skyscrapers of Manhattan and turquoise waves of Miami since early childhood. Of course, the US is a very versatile country that exceeds your expectations in all matters, while making you feel confused at times. You’ll have to invest efforts in your happiness and adapt.

What is your real perception of men literally ordering women from abroad as if doing the shopping?
I suppose, there’s nothing wrong with online matchmaking and bride orders because it’s a mutually advantageous business. Of course, everything depends on the needs of a particular man. You’ll never feel satisfied with a man searching for someone to control you in all life aspects. If a man is searching for a meaningful partnership with an intention to make a family, this kind of “shopping” is acceptable. When you go online, you simply widen the range of your possibilities.

Why Do Russian Brides Use Third Party Websites?

What’s the need for a Russian bride-to-be is using a matchmaking platform instead of contacting single men through social networks and special mobile applications?

Russian brides need professional help of experienced people because:

  • They need protection from malicious men, psychos, and maniacs;
  •  They want to speed up the process by means of special algorithms that matchmaking websites use to help mail-order brides find partners in line with their preferences;
  •  They don’t want to waste time on communication with random men in social networks – they fancy meaningful matchmaking with a potential.

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