Courting Russian Women

Russian Women Are Abrupt & Gorgeous: You’ll Have to Learn the Rules

A Russian bride is a dream-come-true to numerous men from the west because of many reasons. Russian women are among the most family-oriented females. They are caring and loving and, in most cases, have nothing against a man ruling all family affairs. They call it patriarchy.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t let yourself get misled by the stereotypes about the Slavic people. They could have been true a couple of decades ago, but the representatives of this culture have changed over time. Of course, Russian women are as feminine and gorgeous as ever. Besides, they know what a real woman should be.

Online dating simplifies the process of interaction with the representatives of other countries. It’s a reasonable option for men who value their time and understand that professional and experienced people work in all spheres of life, including matchmaking. Here are the benefits of the online interaction controlled by official third parties:

  • You don’t have to face identity theft and cheating – people on the official dating website are checked by the mediators;
  • You’ll have no difficulties getting in touch with one of the online staff members if you feel suspicious about your interlocutor;
  • Your private information is kept private and used only for the sake of a simplified and more effective matchmaking process.

Now let’s pass on to more profound information and tips on dating Russian woman in 2020.

 Dating Russian Woman in 2020: Benefits & Costs

One of the most pleasing things that western men appreciate in dating Russian women is that they are mostly not overwhelmed with ideas of feminism. All genders are equal in Russia with access to the same range of professional and educational opportunities. Of course, exceptions are possible, but they are mostly connected with dangerous professions, demanding tiresome physical labor.

However, not everything is as pleasant as you might think. You can’t describe a person’s character basing only on the cultural peculiarities and geographical position. Nevertheless, Ukrainian and Russian women have certain peculiarities. Finding out more about them will simplify the process of interaction.

Russian women find it obligatory to study English, as well as the European languages. It’s especially popular in the western territory of the country (the eastern part is more interested in studying the Asian languages). Modern residents of Russia understand that the knowledge of foreign languages opens ways to new opportunities.

Russian women are knowledgeable but not always well-educated. The educational system in their country is old-fashioned and ineffective. It’s also one of the reasons why almost every Russian woman and every young man tries hard to move abroad. These people want at least their children to live and study in a healthier environment with more educational and professional opportunities.

 Don’t Overthink when Dating a Russian Woman

If someone ever told you anything about the mentality of Russian people, we beg you to forget this term. Many people use the word combination “Russian mentality” because they are not clever enough to explain it in other words. The phenomenon that some people call “mentality” is a combination of numerous presets of the elderly generation, combined with the impact of society. The only things that can be relevant are historical and cultural peculiarities.  Don’t make it complicated.

Peculiarity #1. Russian women are simple and easy-going. They don’t hesitate to speak out about their interests, share emotions, and easily get on well with people.

Peculiarity #2. If there’s something a Russian woman doesn’t like in you, she will not be able to cover her frustration up. Their abruptness and boldness in the dialogue can be confusing.

Peculiarity #3. She won’t make you learn Russian if you don’t want to. She understands that Slavic languages have a complex grammatical structure, and leaning English for her will be a lot easier than learning Russian for you.

Simplify Communication When Dating Russian Women

You should keep the following things in mind not to fail your first fate with a Russian woman:

  • Don’t use politics and religion as conversation starters (unless she wants to);
  • Don’t try to pronounce the words in Russian if you know only a couple of words (unless she teaches you);
  • Don’t neglect your appearance and look neat (unless she’s an informal rock star).

The following points are obligatory for implementation:

  • Introduce yourself. If it’s the first time you meet each other in real life, a handshake or a kiss on the cheek will be suitable.
  • Be a gentleman. The number of men who know how to demonstrate their manners is insignificant in Russia. Say hello to her friends, open the door in front of her, and help her with the coat in a restaurant.
  • Make sure she’s not hungry. If you decide to have a walk on your first date, don’t forget to ask your lady whether she wants to eat something or not. Specify her cuisine preferences before you go on a date. Is she vegan? You can use it as a pretext for a visit to a food court where numerous foods are available.

Don’t make it harder than it is. A date is not a competition where you have to demonstrate all your skills, knowledge, and talents. The essential thing is to find out whether you have something in common or not. All else will follow naturally if you have a common ground.

Be Straightforward About Your Intentions

Dating Russian woman, especially in such big cities as Moscow or Saint Petersburg, means wasting no time on senseless conversations. These are usually busy ladies who value their time. The best thing you can do is to highlight your intentions on the very first steps.

If you find it hard to discuss your life goals, start a conversation online. Texting is impersonal and deprived of excessive emotionality.

  • Are you a single father looking for marriage with a decent young woman? Tell her about it at once, and don’t forget to mention that you have children. This way, you’ll save time for both of you.
  • Are you a serious businessman who is ready to invest in a relationship emotionally, but does not have enough time for regular dates? Be prepared that not everyone likes it – a Russian woman will be pleased to know about it beforehand.
  • Are you interested in Russian women and culture without the intention of getting married? You won’t have trouble finding a like-minded partner if you are straightforward about your intentions from the beginning.

Stay Well-Timed with Russian Women

If a one-night stand is not an option for you, you should not only learn to appreciate the other people’s time but also do the right things when needed.

One of the best things about online interaction is distance. It is good and bad at the same time. It’s advantageous because it helps you discuss things and ask questions you’ll never find the courage to ask in real life. The disadvantage of online interaction is the lack of emotions. You can only use smileys and stickers to share your feelings. It implies that you should manage to pick out the right time to make a transition from online interaction to, at least, video chats.

Don’t let online interaction delay your real-life contact for too long. This way, you’ll only waste your precious time. A month of texting is definitely enough for your first talk.

Don’t postpone your first date just because of your shyness. Remember that every day of delay becomes a threat to your potentially enjoyable relationship. Be brave, and remember that you don’t have anything to lose yet! It’s just a date with a human being that can turn into a life-long journey hand-in-hand.

Do Not Skimp on Beautiful Signs of Courtesy

Undoubtedly, Russian women can be cunning, and the number of gold-diggers in this country is impressive. However, it’s not only about the Russians – the world of online dating is fool of cheaters and looters hunting for money but not for the relationships. So, if a woman is persistent in asking you to buy her expensive stuff, it’s not your choice regardless of how beautiful she is. A one-night stand arranged via Tinder will not cost you that much.

When we speak about the signs of courtesy, we never imply expensive presents and excessive demonstration of your wealth. The following points are more important:

  • Be respectful to her family and friends;
  • Find out as much as you can about the Russian culture and a bit of its history not to get stuck in awkward situations where you have nothing to add up to a conversation;
  • Don’t express your opinion concerning politics unless you are asked to;
  • Invest in tiny, meaningful presents or treats;
  • Show that you are caring and attentive – make a notice if something’s gone wrong with her perfect hair, shake off the bits of dust or dirt from her sleeve if you notice, and don’t forget about giving her a hand when she’s in and out of transport.

Russian Brides: Insider’s Confession

Russian Brides Are Desired & Enigmatic

What is so appealing about Russian brides? How do they manage to attract the attention of many single men from the West? Russian mail order brides are among the favorites when it comes to online dating. Let’s discuss their peculiarities through an experienced mail-order bride from Russia.

 How Do Russian Brides Go Online?

The following is the list of frequently asked questions by those who have no idea how this business works. Whether you’re planning to become a mail order bride or whether if it’s mere interest, our FAQ might be useful.

What did you do before going online to search for single men abroad?
I started searching for decent men abroad right after graduation from college. Initially, I was interested in education and career opportunities.

What was your motivation?
Frankly speaking, I had no special motivation at all. I was simply curious about the potential advantages and the possibility to meet new people in different parts of the world.

What country seems the most appealing for the Russian brides?
The USA is strongly romanticized by the Russians. Partly because of the Americans’ open-mindedness, straightforwardness, and the ability to accept new people regardless of cultural and religious peculiarities.

Russian Brides & Their Expectations

What about your expectations? Were they in line with the real online matchmaking situation? One of my main perceptions of the USA was the idea of freedom. The cultural background of Russian people was strongly affected by the Hollywood American culture. I’ve been dreaming of the magnificent skyscrapers of Manhattan and turquoise waves of Miami since early childhood. Of course, the US is a very versatile country that exceeds your expectations in all matters, while making you feel confused at times. You’ll have to invest efforts in your happiness and adapt.

What is your real perception of men literally ordering women from abroad as if doing the shopping?
I suppose, there’s nothing wrong with online matchmaking and bride orders because it’s a mutually advantageous business. Of course, everything depends on the needs of a particular man. You’ll never feel satisfied with a man searching for someone to control you in all life aspects. If a man is searching for a meaningful partnership with an intention to make a family, this kind of “shopping” is acceptable. When you go online, you simply widen the range of your possibilities.

Why Do Russian Brides Use Third Party Websites?

What’s the need for a Russian bride-to-be is using a matchmaking platform instead of contacting single men through social networks and special mobile applications?

Russian brides need professional help of experienced people because:

  • They need protection from malicious men, psychos, and maniacs;
  •  They want to speed up the process by means of special algorithms that matchmaking websites use to help mail-order brides find partners in line with their preferences;
  •  They don’t want to waste time on communication with random men in social networks – they fancy meaningful matchmaking with a potential.

Finding A Girl Online For A Firm Relationship

Sometimes finding one’s love turns out to be a much more complicated task. In case you have been unlucky to meet that one and only during the high school or university years and still is known to be a forever alone in your closest surrounding, maybe the time has come to give online dating a shot. It may indeed seem intimidating and extremely uncomfortable to try to build love with somebody online, however, statistics have shown, it works more than efficiently.

One of the first things to consider if you are looking for one and only online is whether you yourself have that inner strength to open up in front of a girl you have never known before. And if the answer is yes, there shall be no room for doubts and putting it on the back burner. Instead, it is high time you acted and registered at one of the multiple online websites to do at least a first step towards the long-awaited romance.

How To Make A Girl Like You In Online Dating

If there is anything that may bother you as a beginner in the online dating world with its rules and practices, is probably how to behave yourself on the first virtual date and how to impress a girl in an online chat. Even though these things are undoubtedly highly individual, there are generally a few basic tips which would help you diminish that lack of confidence and intimidation in the first few dating rounds.

So, below are a few online dating tricks which will ensure that girl’s attention towards you:

  • carefully prepare your profile: there are a few firm “nos” when it comes to setting out a profile on the dating website. These include no shirtless photo, no stupid nickname, and no selfie in the bathroom or a mirror. This will score you minus 1000 points straightaway and this is not something that we want;
  • be yourself: as simple as that. There is no need to try to become Brad Pitt for a girl to like you. Instead, try to bring out the best side of yourself with all that awkward humor and life uncertainty. Nowadays, honesty and authenticity count the most;
  • be confident: always remember that she is also a normal human being with its flaws and imperfections. Whatever you feel insecure about has nothing to do with what a precious human being you are. Try to show the best and do not fall into the ocean of insecurities and self-hatred. This is something no one wants to deal with, especially online.

To wrap things up, there are a few basic things to consider before setting to the online love search such as self-perception and self-confidence. Moreover, it is also important to choose an appropriate dating platform to ensure that the intentions of both parties are the same and serious.